A 58-Year-Old Woman with Left-Sided Weakness and a History of a Pediatric Brain Tumor

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Oncology: International Journal of Cancer Research and Treatment 

Fecha de publicación: Enero-Abril 2018

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1159/000487430

Autores: Hasan S. · Gigliotti M.J. · Deutsch M. · Reed S.L. · Wegner R.E.

Background: An uncommon but well-established complication of cranial irradiation is secondary neoplasm. This case presentation documents a radiation-induced malignant glioma 55 years after being diagnosed with “cerebral sarcoma,” now defined as atypical meningioma. This not only represents the longest reported latency period for a patient initially receiving over 30 Gy, but also provides a valuable historical perspective of neuro-oncology.