Changing geographical patterns and trends in cancer incidence in children and adolescents in Europe, 1991–2010 (Automated Childhood Cancer Information System): a population-based study

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The Lancet Oncology

Fecha de publicación: 08 august 2018


Autores: Eva Steliarova-Foucher, PhD., Miranda M Fidler, PhD., Murielle Colombet, MSc., Brigitte Lacour, MD., Peter Kaatsch, PhD., Marion Piñeros, MD., Isabelle Soerjomataram, PhD., Freddie Bray, PhD., Prof Jan Willem Coebergh, PhD., Rafael Peris-Bonet, PhD., Charles A Stiller, MSc. on behalf of the ACCIS contributors

Backgrounds: A deceleration in the increase in cancer incidence in children and adolescents has been reported in several national and regional studies in Europe. Based on a large database representing 1.3 billion person-years over the period 1991–2010, we provide a consolidated report on cancer incidence trends at ages 0–19 years.

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