Genomic and Transcriptomic Analysis Reveals Incremental Disruption of Key Signaling Pathways during Melanoma Evolution

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Cancer Cell

Fecha de publicación: July 9, 2018


Autores: A. Hunter Shain, Nancy M. Joseph, Richard Yu, Jamal Benhamida, Shanshan Liu, Tarl Prow, Beth Ruben, Jeffrey North, Laura Pincus, Iwei Yeh, Robert Judson, Boris C. Bastian.

Background: We elucidated genomic and transcriptomic changes that accompany the evolution of melanoma from pre-malignant lesions by sequencing DNA and RNA from primary melanomas and their adjacent precursors, as well as matched primary tumors and regional metastases. In total, we analyzed 230 histopathologically distinct areas of melanocytic neoplasia from 82 patients.