Impact of HBV genotype and mutations on HBV DNA and qHBsAg levels in patients with HBeAg‐negative chronic HBV infection

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Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics

Fecha de publicación:  10 April 2018


Autores: L. Kuhnhenn, B. Jiang, A. Kubesch, J. Vermehren, V. Knop, S. Susser, J. Dietz, G. Carra, F. Finkelmeier, G. Grammatikos, S. Zeuzem, C. Sarrazin, E. Hildt, K.‐H. Peiffer

Background: HBV DNA and quantitative (q)HBsAg levels as prognostic markers for HBV‐related disease are mostly validated in Asia and their significance in Western populations is uncertain.