Impact of Pathological Fractures on the Prognosis of Primary Malignant Bone Sarcoma in Children and Adults: A Single-Center Retrospective Study of 205 Patients

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Oncology: International Journal of Cancer Research and Treatment

Fecha de publicación: April 13, 2018


Autores: Schlegel M. · Zeumer M. · Prodinger P.M. · Woertler K. · Steinborn M. · von Eisenhart-Rothe R. · Burdach S. · Rechl H. · von Luettichau I. 

Background: The purpose of this study was to investigate whether pathological fractures (PF) influence the prognosis of patients with osteosarcoma (OS) or Ewing tumor (ET) regarding 5-year survival, occurrence of metastases, and local recurrence.