Potential roles of microRNAs and their target genes in human multiple myeloma

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European Journal of Hematology
First published
: 2 June 2017
DOI: 10.1111/ejh.12901

Yong Yang, Jisheng Lin, Zhao Ma, Jinjun Li, Dong Li, Bingqiang Wang, Qi Fei

Objectives: The etiology of multiple myeloma (MM) is unknown and it remains incurable. We sought to elucidate the mechanisms underlying miRNAs involvement in MM pathogenesis.

Methods: Public mRNA and miRNA expression datasets for MM were collected from the Gene Expression Omnibus database. By integrated bioinformatics analysis, the expression signatures were identified and the miRNA-mRNA interaction network was constructed. The potential functions of target genes were then explored by functional enrichment…

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