Successful Surgical Resection following Bronchial Artery Embolization in a Case of Lung Cancer Complicated with Massive Hemoptysis

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Oncology: International Journal of Cancer Research and Treatment

Fecha de publicación: January – April 2018


Autores: Sadamatsu H. · Takahashi K. · Inoue H. · Umeguchi H. · Koga S. · Kuroki H. · Akashi M. · Kato M. · Sueoka-Aragane N. 

Background: Hemoptysis is sometimes observed in lung cancer patients and can be life-threatening. We present a case with severe hemoptysis that was resolved by bronchial artery embolization (BAE) followed by surgery. The presence of necrotic tissue in the majority of the resected tumor and only few cancer cells was presumed to be from loss of bronchial artery blood flow. Although BAE is not a standard therapy for lung cancer, it can be useful and may be considered by physicians as one of the treatment options prior to surgical resection in cases with hemoptysis.