Targeting p38α Increases DNA Damage, Chromosome Instability, and the Anti-tumoral Response to Taxanes in Breast Cancer Cells

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Cancer Cell

Fecha de publicación: May 24, 2018


Autores: Begoña Cánovas, Ana Igea, Alessandro A. Sartori, Roger R. Gomis, Tanya T. Paull, Michitaka Isoda, Héctor Pérez-Montoyo, Violeta Serra, Eva González-Suárez, Travis H. Stracker, Angel R. Nebreda9,’Correspondence information about the author Angel R. Nebreda

Background: Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related death among women. Here we report a role for the protein kinase p38α in coordinating the DNA damage response and limiting chromosome instability during breast tumor progression, and identify the DNA repair regulator CtIP as a p38α substrate.