The Association of Physical Activity Before and After Lymphoma Diagnosis with Survival Outcomes

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American Journal of Hematology

Fecha de publicación: 19 september 2018


Autores: Priyanka A. Pophali M.D. Andrew Ip M.D. Melissa C. Larson M.S. Allison C. Rosenthal D.O. Matthew J. Maurer M.S. Christopher R. Flowers M.D. Brian K. Link M.D. Umar Farooq M.D. Andrew L. Feldman M.D. Cristine Allmer Susan L. Slager Ph.D. Thomas E. Witzig M.D. Thomas M. Habermann M.D. Jonathon B. Cohen M.D. , M.S. James R. Cerhan M.D., Ph.D. Carrie A. Thompson M.D.

Background: The impact of physical activity (PA) on lymphoma survival is not known. The association of PA and change in PA with overall (OS), lymphoma‐specific (LSS) and event‐free (EFS) survival was evaluated in a prospective cohort of newly diagnosed lymphoma patients (2002‐2012).

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