The burden of cancers and their variations across the states of India: the Global Burden of Disease Study 1990–2016

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The Lancet Oncology

Fecha de publicación: 11 september 2018


Autores: Preet K Dhillon, Prashant Mathur, A Nandakumar, Christina Fitzmaurice, G Anil Kumar, Ravi Mehrotra, D K Shukla, G K Rath, Prakash C Gupta, Rajaraman Swaminathan, J S Thakur, Subhojit Dey, et al.

Background: Previous efforts to report estimates of cancer incidence and mortality in India and its different parts include the National Cancer Registry Programme Reports, Sample Registration System cause of death findings, Cancer Incidence in Five Continents Series, and GLOBOCAN. 

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