Treatment of metastatic uveal melanoma with adoptive transfer of tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes: a single-centre, two-stage, single-arm, phase 2 study

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The Lancet Oncology
07 April 2017

Smita S Chandran, PhD, Robert P T Somerville, PhD, James C Yang, MD, Richard M Sherry, MD, Christopher A Klebanoff, MD, Stephanie L Goff, MD, John R Wunderlich, MD, David N Danforth, MD, Daniel Zlott, PharmD, Biman C Paria, PhD, Arvind C Sabesan, MD, Abhishek K Srivastava, PhD, Liqiang Xi, PhD, Trinh H Pham, MS, Mark Raffeld, MD, Donald E White, MS, Mary Ann Toomey, BSN, Steven A Rosenberg, MD, Dr Udai S Kammula, MD

Background: Uveal melanoma is a rare tumour with no established treatments once metastases develop. Although a variety of immune-based therapies have shown efficacy in metastatic cutaneous melanoma, their use in ocular variants has been disappointing. Recently, adoptive T-cell therapy has shown salvage responses in multiple refractory solid tumours. Thus, we sought to determine if adoptive transfer of autologous tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) could mediate regression of metastatic uveal melanoma.

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