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Emotions as Social Information in Shared Decision-Making in Oncology

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Emotions as Social Information in Shared Decision-Making in Oncology

International Journal of Cancer Research and Treatment

Fecha de publicación: 03 January, 2020


Autores: Treffers T. , Putora P.M.

Background: Emotions play an important role in decision-making and they can impact individual as well as shared decisions. With increasing complexity of the decision, the potential for emotions to influence the outcome increases. Emotions are thus an influential factor in oncological decision-making which is a complex and high-stakes situation. As the shared decision-making process is at the center of patient-centric decisions, we model emotions as social information that inform the shared decision-making process. We present and explain a range of emotional concepts, together with a specific clinical example, that can impact the shared decision-making process. Our process model shows that emotions are experienced in various combinations before, during, and after a shared decision is made and how patients’ and physicians’ emotions interact and spill over during a shared decision situation. Overall, our process model and specific example show how emotions can impact shared decision-making in oncology in a multitude of ways. With this paper, we want to raise awareness of the role of emotions in the shared decision-making process, as emotions are often not explicitly recognized as decision criteria. Increased awareness of emotions may help their optimal utilization and reduce their influence as a bias in shared decision-making.

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